You probably started your business because you love what you do but didn’t figure on having to do all the paperwork involved or keep up with Government regulations.

Hi, my name is Bill Austin and I am keen for an opportunity to look after your books while you look after your business. Given my vast experience, I might even be able to provide you with some tips on how you can actually improve that business!

After qualifying as an accountant some years ago, I have spent a vast amount of time managing large databases for major organizations but now my primary interest is in helping small to medium sized businesses to prosper and grow.

After completing a Commerce degree at Queensland Uni in the 1960’s, I topped that off with an MBA at Sydney Uni in the 1980’s. Whilst I spent my early days working as an accountant, I have spent most of my life in the world of IT providing consulting services to major corporations in Sydney guiding them in the use and analysis of data. My mantra to the management of those companies was that Information is Knowledge. Now I believe that I can pass on the experience I have gained over a number of years by providing a bookkeeping service to small and medium size businesses.

This service will be mutually beneficial to businesses (help them stay on track) and to me (allows me to pass on my    experience).

In my bookkeeper role I can assist in the following way:

 I can help you with your record keeping and data entry using the Xero accounting program. If it is done
regularly or even semi regularly there are many benefits. If you prefer to use a spread-sheet to keep track
of your activity, I can set up a customised spread-sheet for your purposes, even to track GST as well.

 With Xero, we can link your bank accounts directly so that transactions can be processed almost in real
time. Bank reconciliations no longer become a drama.

 The reports that can be generated from Xero will give you a clear indication of the strengths and
weaknesses of your business so you can make adjustments to how you trade. In addition, as your
business grows, record keeping and compliance with various statutory requirements will become more
complex and time consuming. Creating a proper accounting infrastructure in the early stages of your
business is beneficial because it can grow as the business grows.

 Using an online product like Xero provides great flexibility in how you wish to operate. You can either
allow me to maintain your day-to-day records or I can show you how to do it yourself. Whichever way you
choose to go I can adapt and work with you in the way you need.